Janus Tasting Room and Wine store

We have created a Tasting Room with a unique style and pleasant ambiance. It is at the vineyard located between Túrony and Harkány on Tenkes-hill, surrounded by 12 hectares of our vineyard. This gives you the chance to taste our wines right on the spot where they come from.

Our panorama terrace offers a wonderful view to the wine-hills, the plain of Harkány and the distant mountains over the Croatian border.

Address: Hrsz. 061 Túrony, Hungary · Information & tasting: +36 (20) 9999 885
Coordinates: 45º 53′ 20,94″ N / 18º 14′ 08,40″ E (link)
E-mail: janusbor@gmail.com

Our Partners:
In Vino Veritas · Radovin